I came to Amy in 2017 with a lot of small problems that I didn’t realize were part of a larger picture. What I did know was that my husband and I had tried unsuccessfully for almost a year to get pregnant and that I was ready to make changes in my life to achieve that goal.

I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 16 years old and have had hormonal imbalances ever since. They manifested in ways like adult acne, irregular periods, anxiety that required several medications, and exhaustion to name a few. I knew that this was getting in the way of getting pregnant. My OBGYN recommended two pathways for treatment of my PCOS- birth control (not an option) or gastric bypass surgery. This felt extreme, so I sought out a nutritionist to try to lose the weight on my own.

Amy assessed that I needed to remove certain groups of food from my diet and showed me that changing my diet was about so much more than losing weight. I was hesitant but she talked me through what my diet was doing to my body on a molecular level and so I gave myself over to the diet and supplements she recommended. She is knowledgeable and very easy to talk to.

In one month, I saw a 15 lb weight loss, a huge change in energy, and a huge change in mood. After two months, I was down 25 lbs and felt the motivation to start running again. In three months, I had lost more weight but more shockingly, I had my first regular menstrual cycle in years. The next month, I got my first positive ovulation test and two weeks later I found out I was pregnant.

Now, I am 34 weeks pregnant without gestational diabetes and without hypertension- two complications my doctors were sure I’d have. I am down to one very small dose of anxiety medication, which I believe I will be able to get off within a year. I completely credit my change in health to seeing Amy. By working with her, I am able to see how nutrition affects my body on a daily basis and how it will affect my life in the long run. Though I would recommend her to anyone that is seeking to better their health, I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone struggling with infertility. 

-Sarah, age 27


My experience with White Stone Wellness has been exceptional. Amy Doyle has a vast understanding of how the body can heal itself through proper nutrition. I have struggled with anxiety, IBS and PCOS for over a decade, and Amy’s knowledge and support has led me through a remarkable healing journey. I no longer feel like these conditions hold me back from doing the things I love, and I am thrilled with the results that we have achieved together. I highly recommend White Stone Wellness to anyone who is interested in a healthy and natural approach to feeling his/her best!  

Stacy,  age 34


When I first started working with Amy, I was very ill with ulcerative colitis and taking high steroids along with trying toxic medications that were making me sicker to try and get the disease under control.  I had other autoimmune issues as well.  I really was at my wits end as I had tried everything my Doctors suggested (medically) along with what I found with research I had done. Nothing was helping. Amy sat with me and went over everything, thoroughly, related to my health to get a complete picture of what I was suffering with.  She began slowly introducing foods in a way that was tolerable and gentle on my system and immediately, I began to feel better and stronger.  I was able to advance my diet with her guidance pretty quickly.  She also recommended supplements that provided the support my body needed.  After working together for about 15 months, I was doing far more than I had in a long time as I was barely leaving my house when we first met.  Ultimately, I did have surgery for the ulcerative colitis but I came through it extremely well as I was in a good state of health thanks to Amy’s guidance.  A year earlier, I don’t feel I would have made it through surgery. 

Amy is one of the most dedicated, caring, and intelligent professionals I have ever met.  She is completely committed to her patients and always available to answer questions which she does with clear and easy to understand explanations of complicated science related to how our bodies work.  She always breaks things down for me so that I understand what and why she is suggesting the changes she is or why I am experiencing the symptoms I am having.  Many times she lifted me up when I was scared, depressed and lacking confidence that I would get better. Best of all, she is the most positive, supportive person you will ever meet and work with. -

-Cindi,  age 59